Useful Information

Useful Information
Resort information, FAQ, T&Cs
Val d'Isère
Don't look any further
Val d’Isère (1850 m.a.s.)  is no doubt one of the best ski areas in the world and perfect for skiers of all levels. It links up with Tignes (2100 m.a.s.), and the two areas together were formerly called L’espace Killy.
The quality of the lift system, the way everything is linked up so well, means that you can move about very quickly and easily – also without having to have an advanced level.
Aside from its 300 km of slopes there are many activities to chose from: Ice carting, off-piste & alpine skiing, paragliding, dog sledging, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and telemarking. It’s even possible to climb ice waterfalls.

There are truly amazing restaurants to explore both on and off the hill.

The twin sister of Val d'Isère

Tignes is truly amazing both winter and summer. If you start looking into what’s on offer in Tignes, you will be occupied for a while. From the top of the Grand Motte Glacier cable car at 3456 m.a.s. with stunning panoramic views to the charming village of Les Brévières at 1550 m.a.s. there is everything you can dream of in between.
If you are worried about whether there is enough snow, this is the place to be and linking up with Val d’Isère there is always something to discover with 300 kilometres between them.

The village is full of of life and the area around the lake offers fun activities for children and adults.
Tignes also has the best coffee places in the area, so take a break and visit Rocco and Delphine for an authentic Italian coffee at the Jam Bar in Rue de la Poste in Le Lac or stop by Lou and Ryan at The Corner Cafe in Val Claret near the Tufs chair lift.

Sainte Foy
The heart of the Tarentaise
Sainte Foy Tarentaise is a beautiful smaller resort and is sat at an elevation of 813 metres. It is neighboured by the well-known ski resorts of the Tarentaise Valley (Val d’Isère, Tignes, La Rosière, Les Arcs and La Plagne).

Sainte Foy has 15 runs that caters for skiers and snowboarders of all abilities, spread out over 30 km. Beautiful views from the top of the Mont Blanc and fun forest runs to explore.

Sainte Foy Tarentaise is homely and you will feel ever so welcome in this lovely little ski village.

General FAQs
Here are some of the more common questions that people ask me when booking their lessons or trying to organise their holidays. I f you don't find an answer to your question here, do send me a message and I will help you the best I can.
  • What lift pass will I need for my lesson?

    Lift passes are not included in the ski lessons. For a few of the beginner areas a lift pass is not required.

  • What relevant qualifications does my instructor hold?

    I am fully qualified to the highest international level through BASI (The British Association of Snowsports Instructors) and I hold both full French and Danish equivalence.
    Aside from the qualification I have spent two decades teaching skiing in different countries and I have gained comprehensive experience and understanding from the Danish, Swiss and British ski instructor education systems.
    I am also trained in first aid specific to being in a mountain environment.

  • Will I need to book my lesson in advance?

    I am set up as an independent instructor and I take most of my bookings in advance. For the busiest weeks, even a year ahead. Therefore, I advice you to make your booking as early as possible.
    You can always request to put in a provisional booking and we can confirm at a later date. Send me a message via the inquiry form for any further information.

  • Will the lesson run if the weather is bad?

    If there are lifts running then we can ski. There is always something to learn and we all must carry a good attitude and remember that we are in a high altitude environment where the weather can change from one moment to the next.
    Some of my most memorable days are snowy and far from the bluebird picture perfect days. I always do my utmost to make sure I adjust my choice of area and runs to the conditions in the best way possible. I will also make sure that the lesson content is suitable and that safety always comes first.

  • What happens if I miss a day?

    I am sorry if you cannot make the lessons that you have booked, but if you do not attend the lesson on the day, I cannot give a refund for the missed lesson or reschedule. I am happy to provide a letter for your insurance company in this instance.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    I know that life isn’t always straight forward and unexpected things happen. If a cancellation is carried forwards by you for whatever reason, reimbursement will be calculated as follows:

    more than 28 days: refunded 70% of lesson price;

    10 – 27 days: refunded 50% of lesson price;

    10 days or less: no refund.

    Please do get in touch if you have any further questions.

FAQs Kids
Kids and skiing? The to-do list is endless and the questions are many. I have heard them all I think, and there really are no stupid questions. Send me a message if you don't find your answer below. I am here to help.
  • What age can my child start skiing?

    All children are different and the appropriate age very much depends on the individual child. The ability to run and jump well are good indicators that we can have some fun time exploring together.

    I have taught children as young as 1 1/2 but many start at the age of 3. Whatever the age it is all about expectations. It’s all about having fun, getting used to the equipment, the mountain and snow environment and the sensation of sliding on skis.

  • What about equipment?

    A helmet is compulsory. These you can rent in ski hire shops. For boots and skis, the ski hire shops usually have a couple of setups for the youngest learners. Be sure to reserve them in advance. Don’t worry about ski poles, they will be introduced later.
    Only put on one pair of ski socks and make sure that they go above the cuff of the ski boot to avoid creating sore areas on the shins and around the ankles.
    Don’t forget to put their lift pass in a zip pocket on the left (arm).

  • How do I best dress them for skiing?

    Layering is the easiest way to manage their body temperature. When I ski with children I bring a back pack in case we need to drop or put on a layer.

    It is equally important to make sure that the child has good quality goggles and/or sunglasses, quality mittens (better for warm fingers than gloves) that are high on the wrists, a good fleecy neck warmer and sun cream even on a cloudy day.

    Some pocket money for a hot chocolate with marshmallows has proven popular as well.
    An emergency snack in the pocket can add hours to the day.

    Only put on one pair of ski socks and make sure that they go above the cuff of the ski boot to avoid creating sore areas on the shins and around the ankles.

  • How do I get my child from snow plough to parallel?

    This is often a parent’s goal for their child’s lesson. Everyone is eager to make the most of the holiday and go on adventures together as a family, but a snow plough makes for very tired legs if it’s applied on runs that are too steep. Also, going on steeper runs too quickly will only reinforce the use of this technique so it becomes a vicious circle and harder to get rid of.

    Patience and low expectations are so important at this stage, in order to allow confidence to build and learn how to steer both skis in a parallel manner.
    This is the best reason to get help from a professional and avoid cutting corners by doing it yourself.

  • What language will the lesson be in?

    I am Danish but I speak English like a native. (that’s what people tell me at least)
    I am close to fluent in French and also get by in German.

    At home we speak three languages on a daily basis as mum is Danish, dad is French and the language between us has always been English. We want to pass this on to our two children, so we keep them all going.

    Therefore, I am used to switching from one to the other all the time.

  • What if my child gets unwell?

    Make sure to inform about any allergies or medical requirements that the child might have. If  the child or I feel that it is unable to continue with the lesson I will contact you and ask you to come meet us. This is why I always require a mobile contact for all parents whose children are taking ski lessons with me. It is important that I can get through at all times.

Terms and Conditions
Covid-19 'Peace of mind' Policy
  • Terms and Conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    The following terms and conditions apply to bookings made from the 25th of September 2021. Skilena is run solely by Lena Haurits Nielsen who is the instructor who will cover your booking.

    Your contract is with Lena Haurits Nielsen. “I” or “Me” is a reference to Lena Haurits Nielsen and “You” is a reference to you, the person making the booking and those for whom you book lessons including minors (under the age of 18).

    1. All lessons must be paid for in full four weeks before the lesson is due to start. No refunds will be given for changes or cancellations within four weeks of the start date of the lesson.
    2. No refund will be given if you fail to attend your lessons whether due to you arriving late, or in the regrettable event of illness or accident. However, I will be happy to provide you with an letter for your insurance company.
    3. I cannot be held responsible for conditions out of my control such as bad weather or piste/lift closure. Refunds will not be given in the case of accidents, illness or cancellation. I will, however, be happy to write a letter to your insurance company for any of the afore-mentioned cases or if the lesson is cancelled due to injury.
    4. You must ensure that you have your own winter sports insurance including 3rd party and rescue cover for the nature of skiing that you wish to do. In the unlikely event of an accident or illness no refund can be given.
    5. Although every effort will be made by me to keep you well-informed, it is the your responsibility to ensure you know the meeting point and time of the lesson and to make yourself known to me.
    6.  I offer advice on matters such as health, climate, clothing, equipment and other matters in good faith and cannot be held responsible for such advice and information.
    7. I will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal belongings.
    8. Consent to medical treatment.
      You hereby consent to emergency medical treatment being provided and authorise me to sign any authorisation or consent to medical treatment that may be required by the health care provider. All reasonable steps will be taken to contact the parent, guardian or emergency contact in the event that medical attention is required. You agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care or attention and related transportation.
    9. Imagery
      You agree to allow me to use any photos or videos containing your image for promotional and social media purposes without your permission and free of charge. If you do not wish to have photos or videos of you or your child used for marketing purposes you must let us know in writing at the time of booking or before the lesson starts.
  • Covid-19 'Peace of mind' Policy

    If you’re unable to take your lessons due to any of the following reasons, you will receive a 100% refund for your booking:

      1. The resort is closed due to COVID-19
      2. You have contracted COVID-19 and are unable to travel (medical certificate required).
      3. You are unable to travel because of border closures, governmental advice or quarantine obligations put in place by either your country of origin or the French government.

    Disinclination to travel, where no travel or quarantine or lockdown restrictions have been imposed will not be covered by a refund or the possibility to defer the lessons booked.

    All cancellations must be notified and acknowledged in writing by email to

    For any cancellations or changes in bookings which are not Covid-19 related, my standard terms and conditions will apply.

  • The heart behind

    Terms and conditions and policies are always very formal. They provide a shared level of understanding and protection. My goal will always be to go the extra mile for you to ensure that you are happy and feel fairly treated. If any of my conditions or policies need to have a face put to them, please do contact me with any questions that may have arisen from reading through them.
    Communicating openly and clearly is the policy over them all.

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